About us


Established in 1984 in the Bekaa- Lebanon as a manufacturing entity for plastic machines and plastic moulds, now a day M.E.S. establishment becomes a pillar in the Lebanese industry and an international machinery importer/exporter.

At M.E.S., dedicated to delivering top notch Moulds  & Machines, We assist in different fields: pharmaceutical, chemical, food, bottling, packaging, catering disposals, houseware, garden accessories, agricultural, etc…

Quality achieved in your selected item/service is the result of a rich experience, customer concern, full proof system, continuous improvement and pioneering industrial techniques. 

Here, we care for our Customer’s expectation and are aware of your needs. Ready to listen, analyze and assist in developing design and feasibility study, your demand is treated in detail until we reach together a high quality selling product.

Cost optimization, speed response, and flexibility of reply to changing market are developed thanks to the interdependent relation with our Suppliers

In our workshop, a team spirit has been developed between workers over the years. This assures a time-efficient and excellent service.

Our factory includes a large number of machines, example but not limited to:
  • CNC Milling Machines.
  • CNC lathe Machines.
  • CNC Wire Cutting Machines.
  • 4 axes CNC Machines.
  • CNC Machine Center.
  • 3D Scan.
  • 3D Print.
  • NC Surface Grinding Machines.
  • Boring Machine.
  • Heat treatment & Hardness Tester.
  • EDM Machines.
  • Digital Universal Milling Machines.
  • Lathe Machines etc...

Should you need any support after equipment delivery or during your production, M.E.S. expert team is available on +961(3)631000